Business: Google will acquire the entire HTC smartphone unit

According to media reports, Google is about to take over HTC’s smartphone division. In the face of previous cooperation, the step is not surprising.

HTC is in the worse shape due to its recent mobile failures,  and Google is looking to buy the entire smartphone division. Due to many failures of their mobile devices, HTC decides to change its focus to VR technology(HTC Vive). Thus, HTC Vive Рthe most promising VR solution at the moment, is off the table.

After rumors, it could happen now quite fast: According to several Taiwanese media reports, Google is in final negotiation talks with HTC.

This is primarily about the takeover of the smartphone division of the battered manufacturer go, a closer cooperation is reportedly in the discussion, but less likely.

Affected is only the smartphone division; however, it could be also the core business of HTC. According to the previous reports, HTC would rather remain with its most promising VR division.

Since HTC has already built Google Pixel smartphones, the integration of the smartphone division is likely to take place quickly – and allow Google to develop hardware in its own place.