Cryorig: Smart HTPC housing lands on Kickstarter

With the Taku, the manufacturer Cryorig finances a mini-ITX case which also serves as a storage area and a monitor stand. It has a beautiful design and it can be considered even a piece of art thanks to its wooden elements.


Cryorig was funded in 2013. Members of this company worked with Thermalright, Prolimatech, Phanteks. They are overclockers and enthusiasts willing to design the coolest computers possible. Their cooling solutions are innovation receiving numerous awards from different authoritative sources. They designed one of the best coolers in the world for Mini-ITX, Cryorig C7 which is recommended for any MINI-ITX built.


Admittedly, the case produced in cooperation with Lian Li is not necessarily an absolute innovation, since ordinary HTPC housings can easily be used as stands for monitors. At the end, the Taku is probably the first product to make provide additional space. A keyboard up to 46 centimeters long and 5.3 centimeters high can be pushed under the case.

The interior of the 14 x 57 x 31 centimeter large Taku is naturally cramped. Thus, only a mini ITX motherboard and a CPU fan up to 5.2 cm high can be accommodated. However, A graphics card up to 28 cm long can be installed. Two 2.5 and one 3.5-inch drives can be installed as a data storage. It will a great case for mini-ITX enthusiasts and space savers.

Two USB 3.0 ports are located on the right-hand side of the case to connect external data carriers without problems. While the cooling with only a 92-millimeter fan and tightly pressed components could become a problem in certain situations, this should not be an issue for the installation – the disk holding the motherboard tray, for example, can be easily removed.

The Taku can now be supported using Kickstarter platform. Starting from currently 250 US dollar, early backers can get this beautiful HTPC case in September. As a bonus,  an award-winning Premium Cryorig cooler is supplied for free and it’s fully made of copper.

Cryorig free cooler
Cryorig free cooler

Link to Kickstarter.