GoPro Hero 6 specifications and images

For the first time, GoPro is setting up its own chip called GP1 in its Hero 6 Black. This allows not only 4K @ 60fps but also recordings at 1080p @ 240fps. In addition to improved stabilization, there is also dual-band WLAN. However, the price is likely to grow as new leaks suggest.

Just a few days ago, the first Leak confirmed that the upcoming Hero 6-generation has no change in the design, which brings the advantage of the compatibility with previous accessories. Inside, however, there are a lot of changes in hardware. It was mentioned that the Hero 6-Actioncam can record 4K recordings with 60 frames per second (fps), so GoPro competes with the Yi 4K +, which is based on the Ambarella H2 chip.

In a series of tweets, the Spanish developer Konrad Iturbe provides additional information on the new GoPro generation. A lot of new images were flushed to the surface, including official rendering images, which come from the staging site of GoPro itself. Traders also involuntarily provided additional information, such as the price that was intended, which should probably scare many prospective customers.

GP1: chip self-development

Currently, we know that GoPro with the Hero 6 for the first time will be based on an advanced self-development chip, so therefore no Ambarella SoC will be used anymore. The new processor is called GP1 and is apparently powerful enough to provide not only 4K @ 60fps but also 1080p resolution with 240 fps, which the fans of slow-motion will be pleased with. 1080 with 240fps is at the same level, as the new iPhones, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Still, the GoPro-Actionacam does not offer any optical image stabilization, the electronic has however been improved, details are not available to us at present.

Optical stabilization is far more superior than digital stabilization. For comparison, the older Sony FDR-X3000 provides an optical stabilization which works flawlessly. It’s a shame that GoPro still doesn’t have such an important feature for Action Shooting.

Hero 5 still remains in the assortment

An important improvement concerns the WLAN module, which now can use the faster 5 GHz channel and thus probably support Gigabit WLAN. The model number of the new GoPro Hero 6 is CHDHX-601, it will expand the existing lineup of the manufacturer, the previous Cams Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session remain in the assortment. Above the Hero 6 Black, a 360-degree camera will settle down with the GoPro Fusion.

Higher price

The GoPro Hero 6 is more expensive than the Hero 5, which was already to be expected, but the proposed price should surprise for some. In the US is apparently a price of 499 US dollars are planned, however, the price might be really fierce in Europe. Two distributors list the device involuntarily (see pictures below) with 500 pounds sterling and/or 700 euros. That would be a hefty surcharge on the currently 470 euros, which the predecessor currently officially listed on the list.

Karma with updates

On 28 September, the new GoPro generation will be officially unveiled, and a new Karma-Gimbal version will be introduced to the market, which will offer more control possibilities with the Joystick than the first version. The Karma-Drone from GoPro is also to receive a follow-me mode via a software update. It is still unclear whether the camera sensor or the optics of the Hero 6 has been improved compared to its predecessor or not.