Nintendo Switch: A hidden retro game in the virtual console

A copy of the retro game “NES Golf” is hidden in the code of the Virtual Console of the Nintendo Switch and points to Joy-Con-Support of the Virtual Console.

Since the Wii, each Nintendo console has a virtual console or an emulator that allows you to buy and play retro games of old Nintendo gaming boxes. Also for the switch this function is to come, so far is however not exactly known in which form.

Now the firmware code has been decoded, which makes the NES classic “Golf” of 1984 playable. The hidden game called “Flog” (“Golf” backwards) is seemingly contained since the firmware 1.0 and supports one to two players. In addition, the retro-game apparently also supports the Joy-Con motion controls.

This fact is particularly interesting, as this type of input appears for the first time in a virtual console and suggests that Joy-Con support within the Virtual Console is the switch possible and possibly even the plan of Nintendo.

The Virtual Console of the Switch is, according to rumors, is the most expensive so far and for the first time include game titles of the GameCube. However, this hasn’t been confirmed from Nintendo yet.