Ryzen 1600 (X): Some models shipped with eight instead of six cores

Several users report having received Ryzen 51600 or 1600X CPUs with eight instead of the promised six cores.

Unlike the Ryzen 7 models, the Ryzen 5 1600 / 1600X, which we have already tested, are equipped with only six instead of eight cores.

Now, several users in Korean forums have reported receiving 1600 (X) models with eight cores instead of six cores. All of these chips are said to have been produced in Malaysia in the 36th week of this year.

In – obviously rather disbelieving – conducted benchmarks the users could finally prove that the models with the eight activated cores behave also in terms of performance like the substantially more expensive 1800X, which saved customers at least 200 euro.

It is currently unclear how it could come to the faulty delivery. Not unbelievably, the deliberate re-labeling of high-end CPUs seems to meet the needs of mid-range models.