TOP 10 processors to buy for windows 7 in 2017

Intel Broadwell Processor
Intel Broadwell Processor

Why windows 7? It’s released many years ago, but it’s still one of the most popular operating systems on the planet, 48% of users still using it. It’s  a stable platform for business/home users with easy to use interface, no advertising/spam/spying software installed, without the w10 tabled mode that annoys most of the users. I would say that this is the best operating system realized by Microsoft.  Windows 10 feels buggy and slowish compared to windows 7.

So here is the list of processors you can still buy in 2017 for windows 7. Please note that Kaby Lake processors are reported to have issues with windows 7, so they are not recommended.

1. Intel Core i5 5675 ($235-$300) 

Passmark score: 8130

Windows 7 Support: Fully Supported

Broadwell is Intel’s codename for this processor; this means that it will be supported till the end-life of windows 7 extended support. That’s right, with this powerful processor you’ll be safe installing windows 7 for the next few years, and receiving all the new updates. This processor has a pretty decent video card – Intel Iris 6200, powerful enough for workstation applications and playing games at medium settings.

Why not i7-5775c? While it has better multithreading performance, it costs 40% more, generating 25% more power and heat.

Intel Broadwell Processor
Hurry up, you may still find it in stores as well as h97 motherboard.


2. Intel Skylake i5-6600k  ($200 – $230)

Passmark score: 8012

Windows 7 Support: With unofficial patch

i5-6600k is one of the best processors to buy for windows 7. While you may not receive the latest updates without the unofficial Zeffy patch, it works well on windows 7, unlike Intel’s Kaby Lake i5-7600k processor. This processor has one of the most powerful single-core performance with 25% lower power consumption than i7-6700k. Professionals will likely go with the best option available i7-6700k or AMD Ryzen 1700x/1800x to achieve the best multi-core performance. However, for most users, i7-6600k would be more than enough. If you overclock the processor to 4.5ghz you can gain the same amount of performance as with i7-6700k at a much lower price, with higher single-core performance.

So this is my recommendation for any user who wants to be productive in case you don’t mind patching your windows 7 with the unofficial Zeffy patch. Also, this is one of the best processors for the game – Counter Strike GO which loves high-clocked cores.


3. AMD Ryzen 5 1600x Processor  ($260)

Passmark score:13107

Windows 7 Support: With unofficial patch

Please note that for this processor you will have to install the unofficial Zeffy Patch, and it’s not supported out of the box with windows 7. The reason I choose this processor it because it actually is much more efficient in windows 7 than in windows 10. That’s right, the 1600x processor is actually better in windows 7 in all sort of applications. While having a relatively cheap price, it has 6 cores and 12 threads! Combine this with high clocked cores, this might be one of the best processors for workstation users. In some applications 1600x might get even better results than Ryzen 1700. Yet the I5-6600k processor is still the leader here in single-core performance, and most applications still rely on that one single core.

So this is the best processor you could buy for workstation users and high-end gamers. For 4k fluent gaming experience, 6600k might not be enough, although for e-sports gaming I would still recommend the i5-6600k processor.




4. Intel i5-4690K ($220)

Passmark score:7767

Windows 7 Support: Fully Supported

This is a Haswell processor dated Q2’14. However, it still has sufficient performance and in many ways, it’s similar to i5-6600k. It’s fully supported by windows 7 and you will receive all upcoming updates.  While having a lower price it’s only marginally slower than i5-6600K. For savvy users, this might be the way to go. In terms of price/performance/compatibility, this is one of the top processors for windows 7.

This is my recommendation for users that want the best compatibility with windows 7 and high clock-rates. Please note that if you’ll use the internal video card, i5-6600k provides a much better video solution – hd530.


6. Processor AMD Ryzen 1700/1700x ($300-$400)

Passmark score:13794

Windows 7 Support: With unofficial patch

This is an outstanding processor for rendering and streaming. Although, for most of the cases I would choose another processor.

This processor is a great achievement by AMD, they finally made a processor that provides better value than Intel’s high-end processors. But I would recommend a Ryzen 1500x/1600x instead, because Ryzen 5 1600x and i5-6600k work faster in mod situations.


7. i5-4460 ($170)

Passmark score:6664

Windows 7 Support: Fully Supported

I would recommend this processor only if you will find it cheap. It has the same features as i5-4690K, but lower clock speeds and cheaper price. It’s well suited for avarage user.

Other than that, it’s a good old i5 Haswell processor, with high performance. It’s fully supported by windows 7.


8. Amd Ryzen 5 1500x Processor ($189)

Passmark score:10767

Windows 7 Support: With unofficial patch

Please note that for this processor you will have to install the unofficial Zeffy Patch, and it’s not supported out of the box with windows 7. This is a good processor, for most users. However, if you want the best performance, have a look at Ryzen 5 1600x/1800x processors.

While having only 4 cores it’s actually faster than any of Intel’ i5 processors.


9. Intel i3-6300 Processor ($148)

Passmark score:5825

Windows 7 Support: With unofficial patch

Although you are not expecting a high-end performance from $150 processor, it’s still a very good dual core processor, probably the best one after i3-7350K which is not supported by Windows 7.


10. Intel i3-4160 Processor ($128)

Passmark score:5042

Windows 7 Support: Fully Supported

I suggest buying this only if you are on a budget. It more than enough for many office tasks. Even some light gaming would be possible. However, it’s fully supported by Windows 7.

This is the recommendation for office users that are on a budget.